Hey! You! Guess what? You don't have to dread a family session when you hire me as a photographer. It is actually RARE when I have a calm, cool, and collected family in front of my lens. And do you want to know something? I prefer the wild, untamed, and adventurous bunch who show their true colors where I am able to showcase what a family really represents! Hiring me as your family photographer will often feel like a breath of fresh air, and I guarantee you will be surprised how well I handle your kids and get them to listen to me. I love children, and for whatever reason, they love me, too! It is probably because they see me as someone on their level. Someone who will act silly and rambunctious with them, someone who allows them to run amok and let loose without reservations. Someone they trust. Let's ditch the JC Penney's portraits and create a memorable experience for your kids. They don't have to think we are taking boring pictures, they can just assume we are going to hang out, play, and do what kids love most......being kids :) I truly embrace chaos, let me help ease your nerves and guide you all effortlessly to create timeless photos and an experience that will be remembered. I also promise to get solid group photos of everyone looking and hopefully smiling/cooperating ;)

Family Lifestyle Light

20 minute session
1 location
20 images
online gallery

If your kiddos have a short attn. span, then this may be the route for you!

Starting at $250

Family Lifestyle Timeless

1 hour session
1 location
40 images
online gallery

Perfect for one immediate family who wants to spend a little more time hanging out in front of the camera without feeling rushed!

Starting at $350

Family Lifestyle Extended

1-2 hour session
1 location
65 images
online gallery

Include the whole dang family with this package! Not only will you receive photos of the entire group, I will also focus on breaking everyone up (grandparents with kids, siblings, couples, etc.).

Starting at $600