The Natural

My goal for ALL sessions is simple; authenticity. I want to showcase what it's like for you to embrace your natural state with the person you love most. I want you to feel like home wherever you are with me as your photographer simply because of the person you are with. I want you to both radiate your genuine connection during our time together where I am easily able to capture your energy, synergy, and affection.

Being photographed can feel awkward as heck at first, and the thought of it might make you cringe, but when you hire me, you aren't hiring me to have you pose and say "cheeeeese." My art through photography is so much more than that. My timeless images produce emotions that are felt when looked at, and those feelings are enhanced even more during our session. My workflow consists of lots of movement, interaction, adventure (if you're up for it!!), trust, and connection. I like to slow things down as the two of you breathe in an out together, embracing the comfort of each other's souls, often reminding you why you're connected in the first place. My sessions are spunky, spontaneous, energetic, playful, and intimate. I can't wait to vibe with you and capture your love!

The Irresistible

WHEW! These sessions get hot and steamy real quick! Boudoir photography is a passion of mine, and being able to incorporate it into my couples session is what dreams are made of, in my eyes ;)

These sessions are for the wild couples out there who want to have a little more captured than just holding hands ;) This package is perfect for those who love being in love without embarrassment or nerves and want to connect deeper in the moment. ANDDD this session is great for couples who need to ignite that flame within all over again. It's a wonderful and vulnerable way to build up your relationship and re-connect with your heart's desire to be together. Trust is a huge component during these sessions, as well as being receptive to each other.

This is a way for you and your babe to get creative with your bodies through raw, authentic, and affectionate moments while showcasing the beauty of your romance. We will begin with some casual, laidback moments, and dive into those hot and wild situations that drive you mad. This is seriously the best date you can give yourselves, let's reveal the parts of your story that most people don’t get to witness and do the damn thing!! 


(without wedding package)

Let's celebrate your engagement with a unique way to emrace the love! My style of photography has a lot of movement, flow, and fun prompts for you and your fiancé to immerse yourselves in. I love working closely with couples because it provides them moments of intimacy with each other in a different, more engaging way. I rarely have my couples pose with fake smiles. My intention is to always capture the REAL emotions of your love. During our session, it'll be romantic, classy, laidback, fun, yet authentic with all the feels for you to commemorate your engagement! You will receive 50 digitally edited photos of your choice (option to purchase more).


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes! I am actually trying to shift my platform into smaller, more intimate-styled weddings, this includes elopements! I have an itch to travel and explore the world, but it seems most fitting with a camera in my hand. This is where I can capture natural beauty of landscapes with intense love as the subject. I want to show my couples that they don't have to live up to the standard norm of wedding planning. Truly, nothing is traditional anymore, marriage can happen ANYWHERE! I have photographed weddings, families, and couples over the years in Florida, Arizona, Oregon, California, and the list keeps growing! If you want to travel for photos, you can take your favorite photographer with you! It is best to have someone you trust and feel comfortable with by your side :) Let's chat more about your vision!

My kids have a very short attention span, do you offer different packages?

Yes! I host mini sessions seasonally (20 min) and they are perfect for kiddos! I love a good hour session with my families, especially if it takes a bit of time for your littles to warm up to me. Outside of minis, I offer two family packages: Family Light (25 min) and Family Timeless (1 hour). There is a questionnaire with each package so I can better understand your family's wants and needs. We can also extend any package to a lengthier time! I don't ever want anyone to feel rushed, however, I do so well interacting with children, they think I am one of them! That is the beauty of working with kids, I am able to show them safety, creativity, adventure, and playfulness during our sessions. We are not just smiling and saying cheese the entire time. I know how to keep any kid entertained, we will play, run around, and I will let them be themselves. I don't always want to showcase the good, I want to showcase the tears, frustration, and simple moments of being a child, as well as laughter and joy.

I love your work and wish you lived closer!!

As stated in my destination wedding question, I LOVE TO TRAVEL! I want to expand my horizons and clientele wherever I possibly can. If you love my work and I resonate with you, I WILL travel to you! We can make the most out of this adventure whether it's for your family or you and your significant other. I can design a custom package to fit your vision. Let's make some magic!!

Do I have to order prints through you?

After each gallery is delivered, you will gain the full printing rights to your photos. This means that you can print wherever you'd like! However, you have the option to print directly from the your gallery site and you can continue to support my small business :) I can't stress enough about the importance of having a high quality printing lab for your images. The lab I use through my website is topnotch and will produce beautifully colored images. They will not be distorted or discolored, I have had this happen to multiple clients who have ordered through low-end labs. Just as you invest in your photographer, you should invest in your photo products! I am always happy to suggest other labs if you don't want to go through mine!

What other sessions do you offer besides wedding and family?

If you can think of it, I will do it! I love to expand my creativity and I can offer so much to you! If there is something I feel that I am not willing or properly equipped to do, I will always be upfront and honest, and steer you in the right direction to someone who can help you :)

In a nutshell, here's what I offer!
-bridal showers/vents
-birthday sessions
-mama + me
-business + product marketing
-styled shoots

Not all of these are listed on my booking site. Once I gain a better understanding of your vision, I can provide you a customized package!