hey, there!

i’ m jenna, your third eye photog:) the best part of this life is that i get to do what i love for a living every freaking day. as a mom to the spunkiest, sassiest toddler, owner of a yoga studio, and wife of a radical stunning man who shares a birthday with me, life can be chaotic almost daily, but it’s what i breathe for. literally, i love chaos, it’s how i thrive, and quite frankly, the word “organized” just triggers the hell out of me. i find it nearly impossible to balance my career, home life, and self-care, but i make it happen and do the absolute best i can to keep it all flowing with ease. yoga plays a huge part in my everyday life and i am reminded by life’s synchronicities that the universe is always on my side. a little bit of trust goes on forever. when i’m not hanging out with a camera in my hand, you can find me teaching/practicing yoga, training jiujitsu, spending time with my crazy italian family (we can literally sit at my grandmas for five days straight and it would be totally normal), playing barbies with my 3 yr. old, dancing freely at concerts, hanging with my best pals, or exploring nature to reset.

with an authentic approach, i specialize in lifestyle photography to capture moments in the purest way possible where the image itself bleeds emotion. navigating through this passion since 2012, my style continues to flourish while maintaining an artistic and natural fluency with constant knowledge to be learned. as someone who prefers to live presently through mindfulness, i encourage you to do the same! that simply means that i want you to immerse yourself in the ultimate joys that photography can radiate as we work together to create the magic of reality. due to my piscean personality, i am intuitive, emotional, and personable, leaving me to find connection with anyone and everyone. i am energetically upbeat, yet laidback, and i almost include 20 exclamation points in every email..!!!. ever since i was a child, i was the the social butterfly of the bunch who documented each moment i could with an obnoxious amount of disposable cameras. i eventually upgraded to a cheap digital one as technology increased, but i do miss picking up a stack of photos from the drug store to see what nonsense was inside! *photog tip: print your photos!* to this day, i still have bins of every photo i've ever printed and thoroughly enjoy reminiscing the past. now, i engage in the present through my creative outlets; yoga + photography.

it's a real treat to embrace all the different ways of interacting with those around me, and truthfully, photography has introduced me to some of the finest humans i have ever met. i love witnessing two people in love create the most beautiful imagery just from their chemistry and affection, i love watching families laugh and play as i capture their genuine embrace, i love the struggles between new parents as they try to comfort their babe, i love how each picture manifests emotion. photography is a continuous reminder to keep chasing what i love, to keep my creative juices flowing, and to keep expressing who i am though my work. each time i pick up my camera is a new learning experience, from details and location to processing and editing. i want to make people feel something when they look at my work, that alone is one of the most rewarding tokens of this art. let's connect and make something magical for you to always reflect upon!

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